Product testers

Skincare samples - with refund

Finding the the right skincare product can be a challenge. Often it is at good idea to test it on your skin before you buying the full product. This is possible in Kaninus. You pay a little for the samples but in reality they are for "free". We transfer your payment to your Kaninus Account and you will be able to use the same money once again next time you buy in Kaninus.

Don't order all samples at once. It is better to try a limitied number of product at a time. There is a maximum of 13€ refund per order. Please note that you need sign in as registred customer to get a Kaninus Account for your refund.

If you have questions you are welcome to call Michael Borgen, phone (+45) 22 33 14 94 (English / Danish / German) or Valentina Borgen, phone (+45) 50 98 682 (Russian and Danish).

Foot & Hand Cream - test


SAMPLE Cream for feets and hands 

Extra caring cream for hard skin with 15% urea. Can be used for both feet, hands and other places on the body with particularly hard skin.

Nourishing, softening, renewing and regenerating. Absorbs quickly and does not leave fat on the skin surface. Contains 14 different plant oils.

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Vita Lifting Serum - test


SAMPLE of Vita Lifting Serum 

Multifunctional serum with Copper Peptide, GHK-Cu, Hyaluronic Acid and Prebiotics. Concentrated microbiome-friendly serum with moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging effects.

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Vita Night Cream - test


SAMPLE of Vita Night Cream 

Unique lamellar cream for the night. With Melatonin, Copper Petide, Cannabis seed oll and Prebiotica. Nourishes, moisturizes and balances the skin microbiome, strengthens its barrier functions and prevents early wilting processes.

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Vita Neck Butter - test


Пробник: Kрем-масло с пребиотиками для шеи и декольте 

Био-активный продукт с мелатонином, стволовыми растительными клетками, медным пептидом и пребиотиками. Улучшает регенерацию клеток кожи, уплотняет её, сокращает количество морщин. Повышает уровень коллагена в коже и укрепляет здоровую микрофлору.

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Itch Testers


3 Itch Cream SAMPLES

Kløe, irriteret hud

Three different creams suitable for dry and itchy - especially seen in the dark winter season. Try them all and find out which of them is best for your condition.

SEBOFIN: Cream mask prevents seborrheic dandruff and skin itching. Calming inflamed skin.

MYRRHA: Rebuilds a replacement for the skins hydrolipid layer. Protecting exposed skin - even when in bath.

FOOT & HAND: Extra caring cream for hard skin with 15% Carbamide. For both feet, hands and other places on the body

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Vita Protector - test


SAMPLE of Vita Protector 

Light cream emulsion with Trepeptide, GHK-Cu, Magnolia and prebiotics. Moisturizes, softens, smothens and protects the skin from harmful external factors. Prevents premature fadinng. The feeling of velvety skin and grooming persists througout the day.

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Daytime Protective Cream - test


SAMPLE of Daytime Protective Cream 

Preventive day cream with mineral sun filters for normal and dry skin. Very protective because of the high content of antioxidants and sun factor SPF25. Blocks over 90% of the UVA radiation. Moisturizes the skin and prevents signs of aging. Brightens pigment spots and rebuilds skin's hydrolipid layer.

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Dermabalm - test


SAMPLE of Dermabalm 

A unique combination of Cannabis seed oil, Dragons Blood, Manuka, Bur Marigold and GHK-Cu makes this balm specially suitable as skincare for irritated skin with dandruf, redness and other problems.

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Myrrha - TESTER


SAMPLE of Myrrh ointment

Regenerating ointment / balsam with myrrh, which helps with dryness, cracking, itching and irritation.

Suitable for skin with special needs that need restoration. Revitalizes the skin and quickly rebuilds a replacement for its hydrolipid layer - thus restoring its hydrolipid balance. Suitable for protecting exposed skin - even when in bath, as it is water resistant.

Strong antioxidant. Contains ia green tea, sea buckthorn and wheat germ.

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SeboFin - test


Cream for sensitive skin - TESTER

Natural soft cream-mask for sensitive skin with the signs of seborrhea. Softens, reduces irritation and calms inflamed skin. Hydrates the skin and prevents evaporation of surface moisture. Provides removal of seborrheic scales and stops skin itching. Can also be used as anti dandruff scalp/hair finishing cream.

Can be used both as cream and as face mask.

With aloe vera, honeysuckle, chamomile, algae extracts and seabuckthorn

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Vita Cleanser - test


Sample of cleansing gel

Test the luxurious cleanser with lactic acid, polysaccharides, prebiotics and delicious Phytofoam®. Prevents dehydration. Moisturizes and rebalances the skins pH during cleansing. Mild and suitable for all skintypes.

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Bio Scrub - TESTER



Delicate exfoliating scrub with a blend of three mild fruit acids and eight herbal extracts effectively removes dead cells and stimulates skin renewal process at once. Polishing and evening skin texture for making it smooth and elastic. Highly increases activity of the next-following masks.

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