Spa Dead Sea Secret

Luxurious Spa and hair productsSpa Dead Sea Secret - for shower, spa and wellness
Fragront berries and fruits in comblnation with healing Dead Sea minerals provide an ideal home SPA care for body and hair. All SPA products are free from parabens, sulfos, aggressive detergents and other harmful substances. High concentration of natural active ingredients ensures their efficiency, while tender consistence and delicate fruit-berry aroma make them exceptionally pleasant to use. The SPA products invigorate the body, Ieave the sense of freshness and comfort, and saturlte the skin with the energy of youth and beauty.


Berries Shampoo-Gel


Shower gel   300ml 
Mild, universal and delicious shower gel. For washing the entire body - also as a hair shampoo and for the face. Contains 14 extracts of medicinal plants. Cleanses the skin gently, reduces irritation, does not dry out the skin. Suitable for all skin types and ages - also for children.

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Slender Body Fruit Peeling


Peeling / scrubbing cream for the body 

Gentle and effective peeling for the body. Chocolate and fruit cocktail - based on AHA fruit acids and plant extracts. Effectively removes dead skin cells, brightens, softens and smooths rough and dry skin. Stimulates metabolism and helps to reduce signs of cellulite. Makes the skin completely smooth and silky.

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Slender Body Active Emulsion


Kvinde smører bodylotion påBodylotion / cream 

Extra softening cream with fruit enzymes. Suitable for keeping skin soft - and avoid ingrown hair. Lightly and quickly absorbed with fruit and berry scent. Contains extracts of tropical fruits, shea and murumuru butter as well as caffeine, dead sea minerals and horse chestnut extract. Moisturizes, stimulates and protects the skin. Reduces signs of cellulite. Strengthens blood vessels and improves skin elasticity.

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Berries Mask Hair Restore


Hair conditioner / mask for the scalp 

Nurturing mask for hair and scalp. Rich in fruit and berry extracts, contains a patented Beracare complex, which helps reduce irritation and itching. The mask strengthens both the hairs and the roots. Leaves hair soft, silky and with healthy shine. Natural scent of fruit and berries gives a sense of freshness and well-being.

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Foot Cream


Cream for feets and hands 

Extra caring cream for hard skin with 15% urea. Can be used for both feet, hands and other places on the body with particularly hard skin.

Nourishing, softening, renewing and regenerating. Absorbs quickly and does not leave fat on the skin surface. Contains 14 different plant oils.

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Spa Travel Set


Travel / gift set 

3 delicious spa products collected in a small bag, suitable for the journey - or a gift for someone you care for. The kit consists of 60 ml versions of Magiray's Shower-Gel, hair conditioner and body lotion. Both Shampoo Gel and body lotion can be used both on the body and on the face. The set is assembled in a small net bag that makes it extra attractive as a gift.

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Hand Cream


Ultra softening complex 

Hand cream with 14 different plant oils. Extremely moisturizing, softening, protective and repairing. Absorbs quickly and does not leave fat on the skin surface.

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