Pearl - Fresh, smooth skin PEARL - for fresh, smooth & pearly skin
lntended for reiuvenation of faded aging skin with signs of hyperpigmentation New formulation contains active peptides and amino-acids for providing instant smoothing and lifting effect, for renewing skin structure and tone, and reducing wrinkle depth and facial spots visibility.

Active Alpha Serum


Serum with fruit acid 

Active renewal serum (AHA-10%) for all skin types gently exfoliates dead skin cells and maintains skin acidic balance. Lightens pigment spots, improves and evens skin texture. Can be used separately or under next following creams to increase their efficacy.

With alpha / polyhydroxy acids, amino acids, hyaluronic and azelaic acid.

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Pearl Moisturizing Toner


Toner / Skintonic 
Alcohol free toner for all skin types. Perfectly tones up, refreshes, moisturizes and calms the skin. Contains healing herbal extracts for strengthening and improving the skin turgor.

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Pearl Cleansing Milk


Makeup remover / cleansing milk 

Effecient and gentle milk, rich in natural nourishing and moisturizing components, gently and thoroughly cleanses face and neck, including eye contour area. For all skin types.

With pearl extract, borage & grape seed oil, shea butter.

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Pearl Daytime Protective Cream


Day cream with sun factor 

Preventive day cream with mineral sun filters for normal and dry skin. Very protective because of the high content of antioxidants and sun factor SPF25. Blocks over 90% of the UVA radiation. Moisturizes the skin and prevents signs of aging. Brightens pigment spots and rebuilds skin's hydrolipid layer.

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Pearl White Alpha Cream


Night cream with fruit acid (AHA) 

Skin brightening and renovating cream contains patented ingredients designed to visually lighten up the skin and improve its complexion. Shiitake mushroom and ginseng stimulate skin and support its natural regeneration process. Alpha-hydroxy acids gentle exfoliates old skin, allowing new skin to emerge. Natural pearl powder polishes the skin and adds beautiful glow, while Dead Sea salts nourish the skin with essential minerals. Cream invigorates the skin and gives it well groomed and youthful appearance.

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Pearl White Mask


Facial mask 

Classic facial mask with pearl powder designed to beautify dry and flabby mature skin provides immediate visible effects. Removes symptoms of tiredness, strengthens skin turgor, nourishes and lightens the skin at once restoring its vital appearance.

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Pearl White Peptide Serum


Serum with peptides 

Tender cream-serum with a rich complex of high concentrated bio-active components including peptide complex, alpha arbutin and Dead Sea minerals. The serum raises the skin collagen level, provides stimulating, lightening and lifting effect. Deeply moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft, mat and radiant.

The serum is recommended for tired, lifeless and fading skin and also in cases of disturbed hydro-barrier.

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